Shell’s Kitchen

Genre: Cooperative Cooking Simulator
Engine: Catbox
Primary Contributions: Moving Platforms, Moving Kitchen & Crabs

Moving Platforms
Something that started as a proof of concept that eventually turned into a feature, the Moving Platform is waypoint based and traverses between them with a customisable delay and speed. While relatively simple conceptually, making the Player and PhysX cooperate in a way that doesn’t affect the playable experience in a negative way was a hurdle, but was eventually managed.

Earliest feature complete version, most future additions consisted of fine-tuning PhysX interactions and making it less cumbersome to use.

Moving Kitchen & Crabs
The Moving Kitchen is essentially a Moving Platform with their specifications. In comparasion to Moving Platforms, they do not carry Players or other PhysX objects. While initially nothing substantial, the interesting part about the Moving Kitchen is a feature added as a request, where Hermit Crabs visually carry the Moving Kitchen parts. As a Crab moves, their ‘shell’ automatically rotates in accordance to their direction. Extra details such as the ‘shell’ shaking and the Crabs popping out were also done through code.

Relatively final implementation of the Moving Kitchen & Crabs, only missing slight positional adjustments.